The latin name of the herb is "CENTAUREA cyanus" L. (Safflower the blue). It belongs to the composite family, which includes about 500 species Centaurs around the world with the best known of all the blue Safflower. In our country reported more than 70 species of plant. It grows throughout Europe. It is common to cereals and fallow fields. Some varieties grown in the garden.

It is an annual plant which reaches a height of 30 to 60 cm. Stem thin, upright, angular. Leaves narrow and lanceolate along the stem and pinnate lobe at the base of the plant. The center tubular flowers are blue, vivid, while the region are light cyan color. The head diameter of 2.5 to 3 cm. They are hermaphroditic and pollinated by bees, flies, moths and other insects.

The flowers often used as additive beverages , which gives a pleasant view. Young Shoots of the plant is edible . The flowers may be used in salads raw or cooked . The blue dye substance obtained from the flowers used to color sugar and sweets .

Herb is known since antiquity. The called "blue". Of course, and Safflower name has its roots in Greek mythology. According to this herb is named after the wise Centaur Chiron , teacher Asclepius, Achilles, Jason and Apollo. In titanic Chiron though struggling with Hercules wounded accidentally by the arrow of which was laced with poison Lernaean Ydras.O Chiron healed the wound of using this herb.

Midway through the 16th century various botanists, such as John Gerard and Nicholas Koulpeper , Safflower included in the blue in the list of medicinal herbs. The Koulpeper says the leaves of the plant can be used as remedy in the venom of the scorpion if mixed in water together with plantain or Comfrey.

According to M. Grieve herb except tonic and stimulant properties acts as a emmenagogue with activity similar to that of safflower (Agiagkatho). The still recommended to wash the eyes and as an astringent mouthwash.

In folk medicine used the Safflower as eye drops or poultices for treating eye diseases. There is of course no coincidence that the French Medicine Academy We recommend Safflower the blue as main tonic and anti-inflammatory agent for the eyes.

The tradition says that the herb works effectively for blue eyes. For inflammations of the eye using the brown plantagko. They seed of the plant used as a mild laxative for children. The decoction of the leaves was used against rheumatism .

The plant contains a bitter substance knikini or kentafrini. The flowers contain a glucoside, the cyanidin . Contain even anthokyamini which has astringent, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and diuretic properties.

It blooms from June to August. For therapeutic use flowers and leaves of the plant. The collect from June to August. The plant seeds ripen from August to September.

The Safflower :

  • conditioner intestines, laxative and diuretic.
  • relaxes the eyes and treats red eyelids (use the infusion of the flowers) that wash morning and evening.
  • The herb also helps to regulate the function of the glands improving their operation.
  • Helps regulate normal body weight.
  • It contributes to better mental leitourgia.Synistatai against dropsy.
  • The infusion and alkolat petals used in inflammation and chronic diseases of the kidney, urethra and urinary disorders, urinary retention and edema, without irritating and without any side effects. The infusion of flowers increases diuresis and secretion of bile and is used in diseases of the liver and bile ducts.
  • The leaves when boiled with beer make a drink appetizer and tonic stomach.
  • The infusion of the flowers is excellent eye drops which comprises the ponomato, eye generally, rheumatism, nefroponous, vaginal, arthritis and gritty. Also helps to oral ulcers, small wounds, eczema and skin itching, monks and warts.

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The humankind, from the first years of its existence, realized that, Mother Nature is a whole world of offer in survival and in health. The World Health Organization,has come to the conclusion that ,over than 80% of population trusts, nowadays, medicine that is based on products with herbs.




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