Thyme is a woody, evergreen shrub which its height reaches to 30-50 cm height. Moreover, it has small red flowers and linear leaves. A good many people believe that thyme is part and parcel of our daily life. And they are right.

Thyme is an extremely useful plant and one of the best antiseptic and tonic herbs. Its essence can:

  • Prevent your organism from colds and fever.
  • Fight against flu.
  • Facilitate digestion.
  • Relieve from stomachaches.
  • Reduce anxiety and mental depression.

Last but not least, thyme is one of the most appropriate herbs for grilled meats.

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The humankind, from the first years of its existence, realized that, Mother Nature is a whole world of offer in survival and in health. The World Health Organization,has come to the conclusion that ,over than 80% of population trusts, nowadays, medicine that is based on products with herbs.




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